Gym Workout Program For Beginners

This gym workout program for beginners builds muscle and strength. In four months, you’ll see gains in muscle mass, strength, confidence, mood, and self-perception.

Learn To Build Muscles As A Beginner

Muscle Building Program


This program is perfect if you are just starting your fitness journey and feel unsure about how to begin.

4-Months Program

You'll see your progress each week as you lift more and more weight. By the end of four months, you'll be amazed at your transformation.

Community Support

The program includes access to a private community where you can seek help and motivation at any time.

This gym workout program is built for total beginners who want to build muscle and strength. I give you a simple guided approach to help you develop a strong foundation for your body. After four months, you will see insane improvements in your muscle mass, strength, confidence, mood, and self-perception.

In this program, you’ll use a different weights, including dumbbells, barbells, and your own body weight. The program is structured with 80% weighted exercises and 20% bodyweight exercises. Therefore, you will need access to a gym or the necessary equipment at home.

Simon Imhauser Doing Triceps Extensition

Starting your fitness journey with weights makes it easier to track your progress, as you can easily see the weight you lift increase week by week. Even though bodyweight training is effective, using weights as a beginner will be a life hack to progress in your workouts and build a solid foundation. 

After you have done this four-month program, you’ll be ready to move on to more challenging workouts or specific training routines. This is just the beginning of your fitness journey.

You Will Become A Beast

After completing this four-month program, you’ll be ready for more challenging workouts while still following beginner-friendly routines. It’s a great start to your fitness journey, giving you a solid base in proper form, technique, and basic strength training. By the end, you’ll have built significant muscle and strength, boosting your confidence and workout know-how. You’ll also have the skills and motivation to take on more advanced exercises, setting you up for long-term success and steady progress toward your fitness goals.

Build Muscles & Strength

You can gradually lift heavier weights each week, clearly showing your progress. This is especially motivating for beginners, as you’ll actually see and feel your strength improving over time.

Simon Imhauser Doing Dips

Beginner Workout Program

This program is perfect if you are just starting your fitness journey and feel unsure about how to begin. The exercises are simple to follow, and the program provides clear guidance on how to perform each exercise correctly, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring you build a strong foundation.

Video Tutorials Included


This gym workout program for beginners is four months long and is built on a progressive overload system that teaches you long-term knowledge you can use after completing the program.

Yes, you can! This program is suited exactly for the person who wants to get started with fitness and the gym. Whether your goals are calisthenics skills or just overall fitness, this is the perfect start.

You will need a barbell with weights, dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and dip bars. Most of this equipment can be found in a gym, so you will either need a gym membership or a well-equipped home gym.

If you complete each workout, follow the progressive overload system, and take care of your sleep and diet (it doesn’t need to be perfect, but at least ensure you’re getting enough protein), then yes, you will see progress.

No, I don’t. This program is included with my membership, and you can cancel the membership whenever you want if you feel it’s not for you. The membership costs $19/month and includes all my programs and courses. It’s as simple as that!

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