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"Hey Simon, i want to congratulate you for your latest video about pulls and front presses at the comunity, amazing tips! If someone is thinking about entering the Simon community ,just do it, it has been one of my best investments i have made. The amount of things that i have learned so far have more than made up the price, and that not even half of the programs that simon wants to do are posted yet. I dont want to sound like a bot promoting something, my recommendation is totally serious 🙂 pd: Sorry for the bad english btw
- Iván Sánchez Cuerva

Testimonial handstand simon imhauser
Testimonial handstand simon imhauser
Testimonial Simon Imhauser


The Imhauser Crew is place to learn how to put on muscles and increase your strength in the fastest way possible with good Calisthenics workouts...

Without doing all the mistakes that normal people do...

You achieve this with a step-by-step workout plans built on my own secrets to achieving insane results...

And you will learn everything to master the bodyweight skills that people dream of.

Doing the journey alone can be boring, unmotivating and easy to give up on. This place will be the one to finally give you that push you need.

Maybe you are a...


Someone who wants to get stronger, add lean muscle mass this year, become someone who people say "He Is Strong"...with good calisthenics workout


Someone who wanna become insanely STRONG so you can perform advanced skills with your own body...

...if so, you are on the RIGHT place.

Big benefit, this gives you the opportunity to build an almost “godlike” physique...

You will start to look better than the average gymbro and become stronger than most people who trained for years…

Besides learning "superhuman" skills, build insane physique, you will join likeminded athletes to push your limits even more using good calisthenics workout

Simon Imhauser

This is not a shortcut, but it's a faster way

Before I discovered my way, The Simon Imhauser way, I was lost in the misinformation of the fitness industry. I was just an average teenager trying to build mass and strength...

This is young Simon Imhauser

I was tired of feeling like the weakest and smallest person in the room.

I felt stuck, and I could not figure out how to change my situation...

There for I spent the upcoming YEARS to learn from the best and to know the best way to improve myself to become the STRONGEST in the room...

… and I used this knowledge to create my own training systems that helped me go from weak without any skills to the biggest competing athlete...

...and build the most hybrid strength that have impressed millions of people online with good calisthenics workouts.

Only ONE chance

This is the launch of the Imhauser Crew, and therefore I give you the chance to be the first person to get access. You give me your trust, and I give you one-time payment, lifetime access.

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The rest of the people will only have access to this community by paying $19/month.

The reason is that this community is new; there is not much inside (yet), and by trusting in me, I will give you the lifetime deal. When it's sold out, it bumps up to the normal price.


Only 50 first people will get this offer, when it's sold out... It's gone forever 11 Spots left

Just $99

(Lifestime, Onetime Payment)
Normal price: $19/month


Good Calisthenics Workout
Imhauser Community

Evolution with good calisthenics workouts


The Imhausers Crew is a place where you discover the knowledge to reach your full potential of your own body. ..which allows you to build muscles and improve your skills at the same time.

You will have access to community where you get guided by me and talk being able to talk with likeminded athletes on a daily basis, so you go from having just one gym buddy (or none) to having plenty of ATHLETES in your corner, inspiring you and motivating you to become STRONG and BIGGGER.

Let me be clear: This place is new but will become big. 

This place will be build to help you build strength, mass and skills without feeling that you are alone.

You’ll have access to me inside the community, as I join in pretty much every day to give some knowledge and talk to you. When you join, you become part of my TEAM.

You can send me an email to

Simon Imhauser is 21 years old

Simon Imhauser height is 184cm and his weight is 88kg

For over 6 years have Simon Imhauser been working out with the sport of Calisthenics

Simon Imhäuser

I’m 184 cm tall and weigh 88 kg, and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy to stand out in calisthenics, a sport that usually favors the shorter, lighter folks. Despite the odds, I’ve managed to impress people all over with my skills, and I make it look easy. Sticking to it and pushing hard, I’ve broken through the usual limits and shown that even the big guys can excel in bodyweight training. It just goes to show, with enough determination and the right approach, you can achieve anything.