Gornation Dip Bars Review

GORNATION Dip Bars Review – An Overall Look at a Must-Have Home Gym Equipment

GORNATION Dip Bars Review: An Overall Look at a Must-Have Home Gym Equipment


Considering adding a pair of dip bars to your home gym? Today’s review of GORNATION dip bars will be immensely helpful. We’ll cover everything from setup to cost, functionality, and my personal insights.

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Setting Up Your Dip Bars

Setting up the GORNATION dip bars is straightforward. The main components include the P-bars and the feet. Assembly involves a few screws and doesn’t require many tools. Initial impressions? They’re wider than many models on the market, which provides extra space for various exercises.

What’s in the Box?

  • 2x Premium Dip Bars
  • 2x Connecting Parts
  • 8x End Caps for Both Feet
  • 1x 25m Grip Tape 2.0
  • 1x Tool and Screw Set
  • 4x Hand Screws for the Connecting Parts
  • 1x Assembly Instructions and Maintenance Instructions

Price and Value

The GORNATION dip bars are priced at €149. Although they may seem pricey, the durability and wide range of exercises you can perform with them justify the cost. These are not just a purchase; they’re an investment in your fitness journey.

Performance and Versatility

Exercises You Can Do

  1. Dips: The primary function of dip bars, these are perfect for both bent and straight leg dips.
  2. Core Workouts: Leg raises and more are easily performed, thanks to the ample clearance.
  3. Push-Ups: With their stable base, these bars allow for push-ups with a natural grip, reducing wrist strain.
  4. Australian Pull-Ups: A fantastic way to work towards a front lever, these can be done safely and effectively.
  5. Advanced Calisthenics: From front levers to planches, the GORNATION dip bars handle high-level calisthenics moves well.

Stability and Safety

The inclusion of connecting elements between the bars ensures they won’t separate during use. This is crucial for safety during dynamic movements like handstands or high-intensity exercises. The GORNATION dip bars are designed with stability as a primary focus, featuring a robust connecting mechanism that locks the bars together securely. This added stability is essential when performing exercises that require precise balance and force distribution, such as handstands, front levers, and planches.

When executing a handstand or a planche, the body exerts a significant amount of lateral and vertical pressure on the equipment. Without proper stabilization, standard dip bars might wobble or even topple, creating a risk of injury. However, the connecting parts mitigate this risk by providing a firm, grounded base that does not shake or shift under pressure. This secure connection allows athletes to focus on their form and technique without the distraction or danger of unstable equipment.

Additionally, for exercises like the front lever, where the body is suspended horizontally, the stability of them becomes even more critical. The product maintains a steady hold, ensuring that the bars remain parallel and fixed, offering the necessary support to perform such advanced movements safely. The confidence in the equipment’s stability enhances performance as users can push their limits without fearing that the equipment might give way.

This superior level of stability not only makes the GORNATION dip bars safe but also expands the variety of exercises that can be performed effectively, making them a versatile and indispensable tool for anyone serious about mastering bodyweight exercises.

Detailed Specifications of the GORNATION Dip Bars

Here’s what you need to know about the build and design of the GORNATION dip bars:

  • Material: Constructed from powder-coated black steel, ensuring durability.
  • Dimensions: The bars stand 90cm high, are 80cm long, and the feet extend to 50cm.
  • Bar Diameter: Each bar has a diameter of 40mm, providing a solid grip.
  • Weight: The total weight of the dip bars, including the connecting pieces, is 13.2kg.
  • Stability: Enhanced by the included connection parts, these can be quickly attached or detached, adding to the versatility of the setup.
  • Adjustability: The connection piece allows for multiple width adjustments, catering to personal preferences and varying the intensity and type of workout.
  • Construction Features: The dip bars come with sturdy, non-slip rubber feet to ensure both safety and support during use.
  • Assembly: Easy to assemble in under 5 minutes; all necessary tools and screws are included.
  • Additional Features: Each set includes 25 meters of Grip Tape 2.0, ensuring a firm and secure hold on the bars during workouts.

Personal Thoughts and Final Verdict

After six years of calisthenics, I’ve learned that investing in quality equipment pays off, and the GORNATION dip bars are no exception. They’re built to last, easy to assemble, and versatile enough to cater to both beginners and advanced athletes. The thoughtful touches like extra grip tape and rubber feet for stability make these bars a standout choice.

One of the greatest advantages of owning the GORNATION dip bars is their capacity to facilitate a full range of bodyweight exercises right at home. This is ideal for those who prefer to avoid the costs associated with gym memberships or for anyone looking to supplement their gym workouts with home sessions. With these dip bars, you can effectively build bodyweight strength through exercises such as dips, push-ups, and advanced calisthenics movements, all from the comfort of your own space.

Additionally, for individuals focused on developing their physique and strength without relying on traditional gym equipment, these dip bars offer a practical solution. They provide a solid platform for enhancing bodyweight training, which is not only effective but also a time-efficient way to improve muscle tone, endurance, and overall fitness. The versatility of the GORNATION dip bars makes them one of the best workout equipment pieces for home gyms, ensuring that you can achieve comprehensive fitness goals without the need for a gym membership. This makes them an invaluable investment for your health and physical development over the long term.

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Are the GORNATION dip bars worth the money? Absolutely. They offer a robust set of features that can support a wide array of exercises, making them a versatile addition to any home gym. If you’re serious about your fitness goals, these dip bars are a wise choice.

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